Strozzi Institute :::

Is it time for you to show up and have the life you want? Do you want to be happier, more satisfied professionally and personally? Is it time for change, personally or organizationally? At Strozzi Institute, we are committed to living life to its full potential — robust, bold, and satisfying. Through our style of embodied learning, you will develop a new, fresh, generative perspective on the world and be able to craft a lifestyle for yourself that is aligned with your own calling, purpose, morals and ethics. In just a few days, you’ll create a new awareness of your personal power, by utilizing the wisdom of the body. You will learn to embody the leadership skill of declaring a future and having the ability and capacity to take effective action… More <

Generative Somatics :::

Generative Somatics is an integrative approach using somatic awareness, somatic bodywork and somatic practices to create lasting change. Working with trauma through the psycho-biology is a powerful way to move from managing traumatic symptoms to transforming trauma and your life. Transforming trauma includes being able to change the deep reactions that linger long after traumatic experiences– the fight, flight, freeze and dissociative responses which emerge automatically to protect us. While these responses are initially life saving, they tend to create havoc over time. Through Generative Somatics people are able to learn presence and boundaries and re-establish connection with themselves, others and community. They are able to connect with what gives their life meaning and growth and leverage their resilience to live that… More <